About Direct Primary Care (DPC)

The DPC movement is a response by doctors to an increasingly dysfunctional healthcare system. This system, as dictated by the government and insurance companies, is interfering increasingly with the doctor-patient relationship, compromising quality of care and the overall patient experience. Moreover, we are seeing an alarming and growing shortage of primary care doctors because of these system problems, and the consequent professional dissatisfaction and burnout which are now commonplace among so many physicians. Doctors are seeking solutions.

In our current system it is increasingly difficult for patients to access their doctors and have their needs thoroughly addressed. Doctors are overextended, pressured to take on more patients than they can rightly manage. DPC remedies this - allowing doctors to practice medicine in the best way they know how, without bureaucratic constraints. With this renewed autonomy the doctor can decide on an appropriately sized panel of patients - slowing down and spending the needed time with each and every person - providing care more deeply and comprehensively than is possible in the typical practice model.

DPC also represents a clear and conscious response by patients - individuals and families committed to their health and well-being - making an intentional choice to assure themselves access to great care, reliably available through the ups and downs of their lives.


DPC is old-fashioned medicine, modernized - whereby doctors and patients interact directly again, unhindered by third party insurance entities.  Doctors no longer seek payment from insurance, instead they are reimbursed with an affordable monthly fee paid by patients. Care is provided in traditional office settings, and with technology that care can be extended conveniently outside the office with telephone consultations, electronic/text messaging, and virtual visits.


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