About the practice

I am a board-certified general internal medicine physician. I address a myriad of acute and incidental problems seen commonly in a primary care setting, direct much attention to preventive care and wellness, and specialize in management of complex health issues. I strive to build meaningful relationships with my patients - the foundation for great medical care.

Beyond the usual primary care standard, I work hard to investigate the underlying causes for the illnesses I encounter - when successful and able to address these root causes I aim for disease reversal and health recovery.

I am operating independently as a small business - maximizing my professional autonomy, while maintaining important ties with the larger healthcare community in the Greater Cincinnati area.

I have opted out of the insurance-based reimbursement model and joined the ranks of an increasing number of doctors in this Direct Primary Care movement - doing so enables me to give my patients the time they deserve, assuring delivery of the highest quality care. I do not bill or seek payment from insurance entities; instead a flat monthly fee paid by patients covers my services.

About me

I was born and raised in Northern Kentucky. I earned a bachelor's degree from Xavier University, and a medical degree from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. I then completed an internal medicine residency at The Christ Hospital in Cincinnati Ohio, serving as chief resident in my final year.

I joined the Christ Hospital Medical Associates in 2009, where I worked for more than ten years caring for a diverse group of patients in a primary care practice. I consider myself lucky in having had the opportunity to help so many over the years, and learning so much from these same patients in return. I'm thankful to have developed many meaningful relationships with other healthcare professionals in the city.

I have a wonderful circle of family and friends, and more hobbies and interests than I have time to complete in multiple lifetimes. All of this keeps me eagerly moving forward, and with much gratitude.

My own family has been hit with unexpected illness over the years, and though very difficult this reality has fostered deep insight into the lives of others; I believe making me a better doctor than I might otherwise have been.

I come from a family of dentists, and though I chose a different path in the healthcare realm there are of course similarities; I feel I'm carrying forward much of that family lineage in serving others. I also come from a family of musicians and artists, and am thankful to have that energy a part of my life.

I am inspired by those living with deep purpose, creativity, and resourcefulness. I value individualism and freethinking. I appreciate greatly the importance of community and relationships. I have a profound respect for selfless hardworking folks who give of themselves to others.


I find great satisfaction in supporting my patients and their pursuit of long, healthy, and vibrant lives.