To provide personalized, wholistic, and comprehensive care through an efficient, affordable, and sustainable care model.

To genuinely advocate for my patients' overall well-being, partnering with them to optimize health trajectory throughout their lives - focused on vitality, longevity, and living a productive and happy life.


A strong doctor-patient relationship is extremely valuable in a person's life. We live in a complex world, and are unfortunately dealing with an exceedingly fragmented and stressed healthcare system. Now more than ever people need a great doctor, a true health advocate with whom a relationship can be nurtured for many years, and on which one can depend for care and support.

Time is a critically important element of medical care - necessary for effective communication, thoughtful decision-making, general thoroughness, and patient advocacy.

Great medical care focuses on the whole person - mind and body. 


Optimizing health and wellness, and preventing disease, should remain in constant focus by patients and doctors alike.

When illness strikes, harnessing the body's natural healing abilities should be targeted.

When medications and procedures are needed, making thoughtful decisions on how to engage with those resources is imperative, weighing benefits and risks, and educating patients along the way. Likewise, when involvement of specialist doctors is needed, helping patients to coordinate that care is critically important.